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Rules Newcomers MUST read! Empty Rules Newcomers MUST read!

Post  MidnightBlack on Thu Aug 06, 2009 1:06 am

Hello, and welcome to Fantasia. The land where dreams become reality. Firstly, before you can start roleplaying. I must explain the rules of roleplaying. But, in case you've never roleplayed I will also explain what it is.

Roleplaying Basics

Roleplaying = Roleplaying is the creation of a story with others.
Bob: The dog ran to his master
Jill: His master bent down and gave him a treat
Sam: Wagging his tail, the dog ran off to play

As you can see from the above, none of them posted twice until someone else posted.
Bob: The dog ran to his master.
Bob: His master bent down and gave him a treat

Please don't do this, it makes it unfair to other players and seems like you're writing the story. This is what we call double-posting. So please don't do it. But, you can edit your post and add things to it.

Another problem that arises when roleplaying is god moding. This is making your character the strongest in the story and nobody can hurt him/her.

Please don't power play either! Powerplaying is controling the other person's character.
Jill: Saya snarled and bareed her teeth ready to lunge at Daiku
Sam: Daiku sprang at Saya, knocking the wolf to the ground. He then picked her up by the scruff and threw her into the lake. He sat by the bank making sure she didn't surface. She didn't.

What Sam did is power play. What he could of done differently is:

Jill: Saya snarled and bareed her teeth ready to lunge at Daiku
Sam: Ddaiku sprang at Saya's chest confident to knock her down
Jill: Saya reacted to slowly, she tumbled backward when Daiku rammed into her.
It's the person's choice to either get his/her character hurt. But, please don't make your character never get hurt. Think logically about it. If your character fell from a plane without a parachute and when they hit the ground they were fine. That would be unrealistic. They of course, would die.

Your character can die. Unless the creator of the roleplay says you can't. You can kill him/her any way you want but please make it logical. Once your character dies, you may create another or play your other characters. *Note* You may have as many characters as you want.

Other Rules

Not to much blood/gore
This is a family friendly site, please don't describe in detail when your character is in heat.
You may not have children in any of the rps unless the creator of one says you can.
You may not have children in the main roleplay.
No harsh, repetitive swearing
Crap, bitch, stupid, hell, and shut up don't count as swear words.

Main Roleplay Rules

Your character's age is from 13-16
No sexual themes in this one.
Please don't say: Will killed the witch. The End.
This is an upbeat story. There will be many adventures and such
You can have bfs/gfs
No children
Can't get married/engaged
You can't be all the jobs.
Example: You can't be a magician and a warrior and a fairy
Please choose one
Members aren't allowed to control temperatures and weather. Only mods and admins.
Each day either a mod or admin will post the weather and temperature
Please don't post to much without the admin or mod. Maximum is 2 pages.
The main roleplay is literate. That means 3 sentences minumum.

After, some confusion. I will explain what's on the form. The job is what your character will do. Here's the list:

Skill: Fighting
Job: Warrior

Skill: Stealth
Job: Assasin

Skill: Accuracy
Job: Archer

Skill: Magical Powers
Job: Magician

Skill: Healing
Job: Fairy

Also, as the story progresses you can choose to get a pet/mount. Here's the list:


Other Roleplay Rules

The creators of the rps must post their own rules.
Detailed sexual themes is prohibited and please keep major swearing to a minimum.

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