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Post  xBECKAxBABYx on Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:36 pm

Welcome to the lock down roleplay, i am your master!!! haha ok maybe not your master. and ya should probably tell you what this roleplay is about so you can decide if you want to join it or not ::YOU SHALL JOIIN IT::

Okay so it takes place in a small town in pennsylnania, called Norwood.


weird things have always happened here. random fires. school shootings. psychio killers the works. so for ten years its been quiet. like weird quiet, nothing wrong has happened..so this town is up for somthing. so here is where our story comes in. everyone goes to the town mutistore for something and randomly when the store is two hours away from closing....all the doors locks and the security gates go into place and everyone is completely locked in. oh whaaattt??? yah the psycho that was locked up in the mental hospital ESCAPED!

so yesh this is a full attempt for survival, and see if you can make it to morning when the cops come and the gates go up and the doors unlock.

you can have a max of four characters and you CANT make one just because yours died.

i will be the one deciding who lives and who dies..coz ive seen FARE to many scarey movies lol

Character Sheet:

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Post  MidnightBlack on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:01 pm

MidnightBlack's Form

Name: Blake Hill
Age: 17
Appearance: See above
Gender: Male
"It's not my fault I don't trust easily, never really felt the need to. Of course, the occasional friend doesn't hurt but sometimes they end up leaving. Really, that's all I ever expect from people now. Because of this, it's kind of natural for me to be so hot-headed or rash."

Despite Blake Hill's hard front, inside (though he hates to admit it) he can be one of the most sensitive people in the world, not the type that can't take a joke, but the one that will be by a person's side. He takes the idea of friends in a hardcore manor. i.e. i trust you, you trust me. You hurt me then I'm going to kick your a** and I hope I'll never see you again. He enjoys helping other people with their problems and gets attached, always putting others in front of himself.

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